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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Informational Post

Recently I've begun the search for better employment.  Should a prospective employer come to this blog, I have my resume and references available upon request.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can I just say something?

If you've experienced hardship, if your life is sucker-punching you, if it seems like money is a plague to your bank account, this message goes out to all those hopeful for a better life.  Stop hoping, and start doing.  If you aren't fighting day and night for a better life, you either are to some degree complacent with your life (and you should be happy about this), or don't care enough to go that extra 5 feet, or that extra hour, or that extra few steps (and you have no reason to complain, since you have the means to improve).  Anyone else, my heart goes out to you, since it is unfair to fight with every breath in your body and STILL not get ahead.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five things to do before you you hit the panic button......

Here's a list of five things you should do, if you have any love for your computer:

1. BUY an antivirus program.  Most of the free ones are third-rate or reduced-feature programs, and you might need a hard copy of the program if something happens to your computer.
2. DO WHAT THE ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM SAYS (unless you have a GOOD techie saying otherwise).  Programmers code the living heck out of these programs, and they do it with years of experience and training backing the warning messages that pop up from (insert your antivirus program here)
3. NEVER give out your passwords, not even if someone on the 'Net asks for it.  Every business that does business online stores your password and login ID's (upon you consenting for it) at their computers, so they already have it.  Anyone asking for it doesn't work for said businesses.
4. Windows (generally) knows what it is doing.  When a warning message pops up, don't just click "ignore" or "clear" or "OK" unless you KNOW (or have been made aware) of what those clicks will do.  Trust Windows.
5. Be nice to your administrator/IT guy.  He knows how to invade your computer without a single trace.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The was far out, man.......

(open into a techie-computer room/office)....5 Years Later......"If you had asked me if I would be spending most of my conscious time using an octocore platform running at 3.4 THz to hunt down cyberterrorists while simultaneously placing a bid on vintage Playstation op-d's - that's optical discs for the great unwashed - I might have laughed at you.  And then slapped you.  But times have changed.  The world has become more interconnected than ever before - and with that communitization, came conflict.  Lots of conflict.  People huddling around vid-screens for the latest news - because no one has the patience or presence of mind to talk; cyberdens overtaking hotels and restaraunts wholesale; media sources battling each other with the ferocity of third-world militias; companies being absorbed left and right by bigger companies; and all the while, the average Joe is asking what happened.  The globalization of "thought-tech," processing at the speed of human thought, has run roughshod over the planet - we are tripping over ourselves to keep up with it.  And yet, some people are still quaint-of-heart enough to try and steal information - silly enough, but at least it keeps me employed.  My job is to hunt down these data-thieves, and stop them from theiving.  It's a dog eat dog world these days - people are just trying to lift enough to get by.  Unless you are incorporated into the global community - then you are set.  You are also living on the hairy edge of survival, which is what drives some people to commit thievery of data.  You'd think stealing food or money would be simpler.  Maybe it is - but this is the World Network, and data matters more here than money, and to some, more than life itself.  I should be happy it turned out this way - keeps me employed."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Better late than never....

I need to take time out of my usual bout of endless blathering and droning on about me (because I am JUST that fascinating a subject) for a public service announcement.
This goes out to the men out there.  Actually, the married men, although the single ones can listen in - prep work for you guys.  She's there in the morning, and again at the end of the day.  She knows more about you than the Man, yet despite numerous opportunities, refuses to take advantage of that knowledge (I hope! :P).  You pledge your blood, sweat, time, and freedom to her, and profit none by it.  She is your best friend, your closest confidant, your most insightful counselor, and if you don't keep your eyes open and be aware, can be your worst nightmare.
So let us take a moment, bow our heads, and give our wives.
Thanks for being there for me honey!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Inspiration can come from odd sources...

People lend inspiration from sources that transcend moral strength - usually.  Some of the inspiration I took to make me the person I am today, was in fact from positive sources - my parents, my sensei, my wife and kids.

This isn't always the case.

A lot of the inspiration I took into my worldview, my view of myself, and how I interact with others, came from negative sources.

I can hear you thinking that I just made a typo.  Not true.  A LOT of boneheads, degenerates, slackers and addicts contributed positively to my lifestyle more than they should have (or know, for that matter).  My brothers' antics, the infighting in my family (and boy, was there ever), a massive dose of thickheaded and lazy behavior, and a secondhand run in with legal trouble her and there showed me just what can happen if you let yourself go.

I've come to realize that people in general are bad-leaning neutral - generally not predisposed one way or the other, but looking at the bad things more than they should.  I look at all these people at their worst, and think, "It's WAY too easy to sink down to evil - there has to be a better way.  Sure it's tough, but so is life.  The easy path is a false life, and a false life is equal to death."

Does this view make me extreme?  Sure.  But you can't argue with the results.